The Sassy Diamond Wire

Are you looking for gorgeous, luxurious hair? The type of hair that everyone talks about and is in the magazines that typically only celebrities can afford? Both long and short, full of volume, and healthy looking hair that is absolutely stunning? Maybe you can’t afford the cost of salon installed extensions or maybe you are worried about the maintenance of bonding, clamping, taping or gluing extensions, as well, the damage that they bring to your natural hair?

The Sassy DIAMOND WIRE™ HAIR EXTENSIONS is your perfect solution! Sassy’s Diamond Wire™ is unique to only Sassy Lil’ Secrets™!  The secret to our extensions being so incredible is the Diamond Wire™ that we use in order to avoid ANY damage to your natural hair! Your Sassy Diamond Wire™ Extensions are custom fit and sits on top of your head like a Headband. It is a ONE piece extension, the Diamond Wire™ sits about two inches behind your hairline and the back of it slides down just under the curve of your head (the Occipital Bone) that you can put in YOURSELF. The perfect fit will be snug and lay nicely against your head, feel comfortable and will ensure no movement. After you gently pull your hair out and over to cover your Sassy Diamond Wire™ Hair Extension, the weight of your hair lying on top will keep it secure and in place. You will be able move around freely without your extensions coming off, however we have 3 clips for added security for those more active times if you should choose to want them. Your Diamond Wire™ will be absolutely undetectable, allowing you to still run your fingers through your hair, tossle your hair around, and even be outside without fear of your extensions showing. What other extensions can you say are undetectable even on a windy dayThe Sassy Diamond Wire™ Hair Extensions are simply the most amazing hair system on the market today!

Sassy Diamond Wire™ Hair Extensions are 100% Grade ‘AAAAA’, REMY, & DOUBLE DRAWN Human Hair. Simply put, the best you can buy! Sassy Lil’ Secrets™ spared no expense in bringing you the most luxurious hair extensions on the market and yet committed to making them the most affordable for you to buy. Don’t be fooled by cheaper versions. Sassy Diamond Wire™ Hair Extensions give you 110-150 grams of hair weight in each Standard Diamond Wire™ based on the length you order, giving you the ability to add up to 350 grams of hair in just a matter of minutes with our hair system.

Want Even More Hair? Or Do You Have Excessively Thin Hair?
One Piece- Can be worn 2 Ways!

Unique to Sassy Lil’ Secrets™ is the Diamond Wire™ – LIGHT that can also be used as the Sassy Diamond Wire™ –  EXTENDER.

For Excessively Thin Hair
Sassy customers have all different hair styles and lengths. If you have EXCESSIVELY thin hair on the sides, Sassy Hair Extensions can still be the perfect match for you! Sassy Lil’ Secrets™ created the DIAMOND WIRE™ – LIGHT for people with excessively thinner hair and cannot wear the Standard Diamond Wire™ due to not being able to conceal it. Sassy Diamond Wire™ – Light is made with less grams of hair weight and shorter in width which allows it to be more forgiving and undetectable for you too. We all want a lot of hair, but the key to being natural looking is making sure it is hidden well. By adding the Sassy Diamond Wire™ – Light to your hair, you will get that gorgeous look that you have always wanted that was virtually impossible for you before!tumblr_lzme0mXA5i1qm2ja2o1_400

For Even Thicker Hair
This same piece can also be used as the DIAMOND WIRE™ – EXTENDER that attaches to your Standard Diamond Wire™ already being worn. It comes with three of the smallest hooks located on top that attaches to the eyelets on the bottom of your Standard Diamond Wire™ hidden just under the lace. This allows for yet another 70– 100 grams of hair, giving you EVEN more volume and more length if you desire, to be added instantly to your Standard Diamond Wire™! Adding the Sassy Diamond Wire™ – Extender gives women with thicker natural hair a matched consistency to the length that they desire without losing that same amazing volume. It also gives women with normal hair density a way to get that Victoria Secret Runway Hair they have always wanted!

You can wear them daily or just for special occasions and remove them as easily as you apply them. You will absolutely love the freedom of being able to put them in and take them out- as often as you like. On your way to the gym? No problem! Take your Sassy Diamond Wire out and put your hair in a ponytail. Do you have to return to work or have a date later that evening? No problem!  This versatile system allows for a 1-time purchase, having no additional maintenance, and gives the option for longer and/0r thicker hair when you want it!

In two minutes your Sassy Diamond Wire™ Hair Extensions are in and you are ready to go, looking fabulous!

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