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Do you have a Sunless Business? Maybe a mobile business, home studio, or an established retail salon or spa? Or perhaps you are getting ready to jump into it? Sassy Lil’ Secrets Professional is specifically for you!

Our Sassy Professionals are given amazing discounts on ALL of our proprietary sunless skincare products, including our professional collection of tanning solutions that your clients will no doubt love, while also having the opportunity to create, mentor, and lead your own Sassy Squad.  This type of teamwork will maximize your career in Sunless, empowering you with the greatest possible income potential ever seen in this industry.

The Sassy Professional Program is the very first of its kind. Sunless Professionals like you need to be supported, encouraged, and given benefits specific to the services you provide. Let’s face it, YOU are making a difference! You are saving lives! Skin cancer is growing at epidemic rates in our country and affecting our youth. Education is more critical than ever but also providing a viable alternative is what will keep your clients coming back time after time, choosing to take care of their skin and overall health.

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You will have access to the Sassy Lil’ Secrets professional tanning collection with a range of advanced organic, skin-enhancing treatments that provide the most natural and flawless-looking sunless tan for your clients- at an amazing discount!

From our most natural-looking, fast-drying, odor-free spray tan solutions to our at-home retail products, the Sassy Lil’ Secrets professional tanning collection has been created to deliver the most natural tanning results while providing anti-aging skincare benefits.

Our 100% organic DHA and proprietary blend of botanical plant extracts contains high levels of antioxidants. Your clients’ skin will feel moisturized, radiant, and hydrated throughout the entire tanning process. You will be confident knowing that our collection of professional spray tan solutions does NOT use alcohol or other harsh ingredients that can contribute to dry skin, sensitivity, and allergic reactions. With no minimums or requirements, you will simply get to enjoy the discounts you will receive on sunless products that you and your clients will love!



We didn’t want to leave you out of the fun.  As a Sassy Lil’ Secrets Sunless Professional, you also get to build and mentor your own Sassy Squad into a team of sunless junkies!

Your SASSY SQUAD can simply be a loyal client that is interested in getting those amazing Sassy discounts or even another Sunless Professional just like you! Building a Sassy team will empower you to use your knowledge of the sunless industry in a way like never before, helping others, while you gain unlimited income potential to add to your existing business as you know it today.

We need your help being part of the Sunless Movement. Together, we can make a difference in conquering skin cancer.

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57 / 100