SLS Brazilian Bronze Sunless Tanning Spray
SLS Brazilian Bronze Sunless Tanning Spray
August 31, 2020
SLS | Perfect Canvas Tan Remover
Perfect Canvas Tan Remover
October 15, 2020
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SLS Professional Continuous Spray Mist
Sunless Protection
spray tan bottle
Spray Tan Bottle

SLS Professional Continuous Spray Mist


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SLS Professional Continuous Spray Mist

With SLS Applicator Mitt

FINALLY, a personal spray bottle that gives you that amazing spray tan- with no machine necessary!

Utilizing the newest technology of a continuous spray bottle you will now get 8 oz of SLS #1 Selling professional spray tanning solution to use in the comfort of your own home. Bring home the sexy Brazilian brown tan, seen on the beaches of Rio. Made with unique exotic botanical ingredients, found only in select locations. SLS Brazilian Bronze has the darkest bronzer (the instant color) that washes off leaving a deep brown tan.

This SLS Professional Continuous Spray Mist can also be used for bodybuilding competition spray, runway spray, and pageants using multiple coats to reach the desired darkness. Due to its dark bronzer, it is left on the skin while under the bright lights of an event.

Wearable Bronzer- Deep Brown tone- Darkest bronzer. Fast Dry Finish. Looks amazing while on the skin before showering.
Gorgeous deep dark tan – Develops fully after 8 hours.

Natural Base- Oil, Nut, Soy, Paraben, and gluten-free, vegan-friendly, and dermatologist tested. Organic and natural ingredients in every bottle.

Odor Capture Technology- encapsulates odors, rather than just masking DHA Developmental scent. Helps to both capture and neutralize odor-causing molecules as they are formed.


Spray generously all over clean, dry, skin. Using SLS Applicator Mitt, rub into the skin making sure to blend bronze color evenly, one section at a time. Checking as you go, apply a mitt to use on areas that are not fully blended until all is one uniform color and has one fully blended coat. Stay completely dry, no sweating, for a minimum of 8 hours for full color and to obtain that gorgeous flawless sunless tan. While processing, wear loose-fitting clothing that won’t rub. When showering for the first time you will see the cosmetic bronzer wash away, this is normal and your own custom color will be left behind.

* Applying to hands and feet- Without adding additional spray to hands and feet, use what is already on the applicator mitt that has soaked in while blending the body. A light even coat is all that is necessary to make it look completely natural. After the 1st time, you can decide to use more or less based on the results.

Order the convenient refill.

73 / 100
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Weight 8 oz

SLS Professional Continuous Spray Mist, SLS Professional Continuous Spray Tanning Solution Refill

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